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Acai Sorbet with Guarana 180g Topped with Granola.

Acai Sorbet with Guarana 180g Topped with Granola.

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Frozen Acai from Brazil with the addition of Guarana An amazingly healthy food for use at breakfast, lunch or dinner as a starter or sweet.

Frozen Food Deliveries can only be dispatched Monday to Wednesday in order to keep transit time to a minimum. Therefore delivery times for orders from Wednesday 2PM through to Monday Morning will be dispatched Monday. For frozen food delivery we Highly reccommend our Supercold and faster delivery option. This upgrades to a cardboard and polystyrene box and additional ice. It is also sent on an upgraded overnight delivery.Our standard packaging for frozen deliveries is a triple layer food grade pouch. This consists of foil, bubble wrap and foam. Additionally products are supplemented with ICE. With the standard option, some thaw should be expected. We can not refund or replace any products which are sent with this option due to thaw.

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